Dallas Cowboys!!!

.OH MY, it’s that time again.  They have started preseason a bit early with exhibition games but I won’t complain!! 

The Cowboy’s played the Dolphins on Sunday, but because it was Sunday I missed it.  They won tho’, 24 to 20.  🙂  They are playing the Raiders tonight, and yes I am watching.  The Cowboys are my favorite NFL team and the Raiders are my favorite AFC team, so it’s a delima about who wins.  They don’t play each other very often, maybe once a year in preseason or if they happened to play against each other in the Super Bowl, I won’t hold my breath lol, but it’s fun watching this game. 😉 

School will be starting for all the kids in a few weeks and then Fall will be here.  Been a nice summer and altho’ there are lots of nice things I like about Fall (cooler weather, Football, my birthday :P), knowing that cold Winter will follow is not one of the things I look forward to (did I mention that I am not a Winter person?).  Winter is cold and baren (except for the grey snow after it’s been around a while) and around here it lasts forever.  OK it has one good thing,  it gives me one thing I look forward to every year very much, SPRING!!