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Roswell Walmart

I went to New Mexico to see my dad.  As you can see, in Roswell, they play up the “Roswell Incident”.  Of course my mom, who was raised in Roswell, always told me that there were no aliens.  My dad said they use to send up weather balloons to test the air for radiation because it was the “cold war” and they were making sure that the country in eastern Europe we were having the cold war with wasn’t testing their nuclear capability.  I personally believe my parents, but you can believe what you want. 🙂   Yes they even have their city lights on the main street down town decorated.  Some people even travel to Roswell to get married because like Las Vegas there is no waiting period.  So if you want to elope, come on down 😛 (I’d call ahead to make sure that is still the case tho’).


Downtown Roswell


My blog is giving me hissy fits so I am going to have to do this blog in 3 different posts to get all the pictures in.