Yes Daylight Savings Time is Here Again…sigh

a few years ago

Well, since the government obviously isn’t going to listen to me about the stupidity of Daylight Savings Time, I’m feeling  like taking a little of my past back :).  This picture was taken about 12 years ago.  Most women would love to have a glamour shot taken, and so I did.  My hair was much shorter than it is now, and you’d think shorter hair is easier to take care of, but nope, I have curly hair and it’s such a pain to take care of.

A friend and I were discussing this evening the little things that don’t cost anything but are a wonderful part of our lives and how some people overlook these wonderful little but comforting things.  Some of the things I love are: a warm & gentle breeze blowing across my face and watching my hair swirl in the breeze, watching the waves in the over grown grass as the wind blows across it, the smell of freshly mowed grass in the summer time,  listening to and watching the geese as they fly south in the fall and come back in the spring, listening to the birds in the spring and summer singing their little songs outside my open window,  the beautifully fragrant smell of fresh roses and lilacs, the feel of velvet & satin, the feel of a very soft fiber going through my fingers as I spin, the comforting sound of my knitting needles as I knit, watching huge snowflakes as they fall (from inside my warm apt :P), watching the lightning streak across the sky followed by the boom of the thunder,  the feel of my ferret’s fur (he’s very soft) :), hearing the voice of an old friend or family member.  The list could be very long, but these are a few of the things I love.  I’m sure you could come up with a few yourselves. 🙂

One thought on “Yes Daylight Savings Time is Here Again…sigh

  1. The sun reflecting on water, the beauty of the different layers of clouds on a stormy day, babies laughing, the joy of knowing you’re having more grand-babies and knowing their daddies are awesome.

    Thanks for sharing the list!


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