Winter Weather Iowa 2011

Dusting of Snow


I was going to put dusting of snow Iowa 2011-2012 however we are barely into 2012 so I will wait to see what the rest of the winter brings.  Anyone who knows what Iowa winters are like will know that this has not been a typical Iowa winter, but has been continual fall since fall.  By now we are going into our midwinter thaw, but there is nothing to thaw this year.  The temps are into the 30’s and 40’s during the day and teens and 20’s at night.  We usually have a lot of snow on the ground beginning to melt for the week or so that it warms up.   Oh, don’t get me wrong, I am NOT complaining at the warmer winter or even the lack of snow (I am not a snow, or even a winter) person, yeah I know then why do I live in Iowa, (because my children are here :P.)  But as I was saying, we have had 2 dusting of snow days this winter and that is a picture of the last one.  If you go back in my blog you can see pictures of a real Iowa winter :P.  I know it will hurt the farmers because it appears to be a drought and I even tho’ I don’t care for the snow, I hope we do get enough to help out the farmers here.  My dad lives out west and they don’t get very much snow at all, and the last big system that went through there a few weeks ago left him about 10 inches of snow.  I’m sure everyone out there was very surprised to get “our” snow :).

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  1. And last week we got some of your cold! One morning it was 33 degrees (with wind chill of course) when I was outside with the dog! YUCK. 🙂 Very mixed up weather this year. Still, it will be back to normal eventually. Hope you are enjoying your warmish winter. I know I don’t like the cold one bit.


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