Happy New Year 2012


Well, a new year has begun.  I see a lot of changes in my life this year, hopefully for the better.  I wish you all a wonderful new year filled with blessings, love and hope.

I am having to re-spin that first skein of yarn.  While plying I had some major mishaps and with sadness I tossed that start of the skein out.  Both of my spinning wheels were having issues with tension and I messed up when winding into a center pull ball and it ended up a tangled mess.  I don’t mess up very often and was very sad to lose that week and 1/2 of work and fiber.  Fortunately there is plenty of that fiber left.  I put spinning aside for a bit while I worked on the problems with my spinning wheels, but  I am getting ready to start the spinning again.  Hopefully with better results this time.

One thought on “Happy New Year 2012

  1. Good luck with the spinning. I sat down at the wheel for a while this morning and it felt really good. I got almost a full bobbin before stopping.

    Happy New Year to you also and best wishes for this year!!


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