Start of Another Comfort Shawl & Christmas Cactus Blooming

Another Comfort Shawl


This is the last comfort shawl that I have on my plate.  It’s been a busy year for comfort shawls.  I used the Tara Shawl again with Lionbrand Homespun because it’s soft and quick to make.  The colors in this yarn make the shawl pretty, and it’s squishy ;).  You can’t really see the colors very well in this picture, they are a purple, blue and grey with cream through out.  It’s muted and very pretty.  I hope she will like it.



Christmas Cactus 2011


The Christmas cactus is blooming.  It has lots of new growth this year, will be time to re-pot it this coming spring.  Then it will get bigger, not sure how large I want it to get, I have a friend who had one that was huge, but I dont think I want a really big one.
I have some spider plants that are getting pretty big too.  I hate that they call them spider plants because I really DO NOT like spiders at all.  So much so that I didn’t put my plants out on the patio this year because every fall when I bring them in I find a spider running around close to it.  Ewwwwww.

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