2nd Wisp Shawl Finished!

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I got this shawl finished yesterday evening and was able to block it last night and it was dry when I woke up this morning so I ran it down to my friend.  She was pleased with the result and that made me very happy ;).

It’s an easy pattern to knit even tho’ it looks complicated.  Once I have the projects on my plate finished, I will try to find a nice heavy lace weight to fingerling yarn and make another one of these. :).

I picked up some more homespun from Lionbrand to make a comfort shawl for my future daughter in law who lost her father 2 months ago.  I hope she will like the color I chose.  I wanted to find out what her father’s favorite color was and make it that color but I didn’t get that information and the yarn was on sale this holiday week end so I picked out what I hope will be an soothing color to help with her grief.  I’ll be doing the Tara Shawl again.  It’s quick, easy and, with their homespun yarn, pretty.  I’ll post a picture after I get it started and enough done on the shawl so that you can see what the color will look like.  I do not use the fringe when I make this shawl, fringe, to me seems to get in the way more often than not.

2 thoughts on “2nd Wisp Shawl Finished!

  1. I too have many projects on the plate. With Christmas right around the corner, there is lots to knit. Plus the wedding duster to finish.

    The Wisp turned out beautiful!!


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