Heat Wave and Harry Potter

Ok, the ambient temp the last two days has been about 96 degrees, and the heat index, with the wonderful humidity that IA is known for, has been around 111 degrees.  I always tell people that IA has two season, cold & ugly and hot & ugly.  It gets hotter out west but they (except for TX which is also very humid) don’t have the humidity to go with the high temps.  You can have the humidity, I prefer the dry heat!!  The night temps have been in the middle 70’s,  sigh and my air condtioner is running 24/7.  I’m so thankful for that!!!  Suppose to cool down next week I think (I hope).

I got to go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 on Saturday with my daughter.  I have to say it was AWESOME!!!  Yes, it is not exactly like the book, but it was very well done and I loved it!!  I have loved all the Harry Potter movies but I have to say this is my favorite of all of them.  If you haven’t gone to see it and you enjoy Harry Potter, it is a must see.

I’m working on the shawl I started to get the stitch count right for the Daisy Rectangular Shawl.  I mean you can’t have a started shawl and not either finish it or frog it.  I chose not to frog it, it’s acrylic yarn so it will probably go to my grand daughter because it won’t need a lot of care like the natural fiber yarns do and she can enjoy it and I won’t be worried about it. 😛  I need to be spinning on that Cria, but it’s been so hot when I get home that I haven’t been in the mood for it.