Happy Birthday to my 2nd Son



This is my 2nd son.  Of course he’s “a bit” older now, but isn’t he a cutie?

I was looking at my daughter’s youngest (my only grandson) the other day and thought oh my goodness, he looks just like my son!  He’s a cutie too. 🙂

Comfort Shawl

 I finished the comfort shawl that I have been knitting on for the last several months.  This is as it lay blocking.  I didn’t get a chance to get a better picture of it on someone before I gave it to the intended recipient.  I hope that it will bring her the comfort intended. 

I have begun the next comfort shawl that I wanted to make for the other mother in my church who lost a child last year.   Last year was a hard year.


We have gotten quite a bit of snow from this storm.  Blizzard winds today and forecast for tonight (about 40 mph) – we’ve got about 5 inches of snow so far today and it’s suppose to keep snowing through the night.  I’m suppose to call a number in the morning to see if we will go in at the regular time, late or no work at all.  Guess you know which one I am hoping for :P.  

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