Comfort Shawl – New Update

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Well, I’m not knitting it as fast as I should be, but here is an updated photo.  I lost track of my rows one day and did a wrong row and didn’t feel like frogging or tinking back so I corrected the row below each stitch as I knit the next row.  Slow going I admit, and it probably would have been faster to frog the row and re-knit it and then go on, but then that was what I chose to do. 😛  I’m hoping I won’t be sleepy tomorrow so I can work on it some more.  When I’m sleepy and I start knitting, it makes me even sleepier until I can’t hold my eyes open anymore.  It is a little more than a 1/3 of the way finished.  I really need to put more time into it and get it finished.  Maybe I will have a bigger or finished picture to put up next week end. 🙂

Well the Cowboys can’t decide if they are going to play well or kill themselves with penalties.  I’d like to tell them, if you can’t do those things well that you are trying to get away with, stop it!!!  You are beating yourselves with them.  Tho I have to admit, there were a couple of questionable calls in the 1st half that even a Viking fan admitted to.  Even tho they are at the bottom of their division I will still root for them and hope they get rid of their penalty prone ways.

I finally got that call that all members of the Church anticipate with some intrepidation.  Yes, I will be giving a talk in Church this Sunday.  It’s a bit scary getting up in front of the congregation and talking about what ever spiritual subject the Bishop or his counselor have given you to talk about.  It’s similar to giving a 15 min mini sermon for those not familiar with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons for those not familiar with our formal name.)  As part of  my talk I decided to give an experience I had this Monday while driving to work just before the sun came up.  The Lord gave me some spiritual pause when I saw it.  I will share that experience below.

This last Monday as I drove to work, at 7 am when it’s not quite light yet, as I turned onto a street off of a main road just outside of town, I saw a car to my left on the shoulder of the road.  The people were standing outside the car looking to the right side of the road.  I looked over and saw a doe that had obviously just been hit by that car.  Because it was not quite light yet, I wasn’t able to see the damage to the car but the doe was just lying in the grass (not flat on the ground, but with her feet gathered under her), still alive but obviously injured and I knew she would probably be put down.  My first thought was, as I looked at that beautiful creature and tears started to well up in my eyes, “oh you stupid deer, if only you had just stayed off the road, you would still be running around.”  I wondered how many times she had crossed the road with no problems until she had become desensitized to her natural instinct for fear and danger.  Then I thought how often do we not heed the counsel of the Lord and his servants, or the promptings of the Spirit when, like the doe, we see no danger or do not understand the danger, until we too become desensitized to it, and like the doe, who paid a physical price, we pay a spiritual price.

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