Embroidered Apron

1 Yard Apron with Embroidery

Embroidry text


I forgot to take the camera with me to the Activity Day Girls activity and so I have no pictures of their sewing skills on the pockets.  I had two aprons left over so instead of sewing a pocket on them, I am machine embroidering on them to give as gifts.  Sorry my photography is not great, and I couldn’t find my iron, which I know is around here somewhere, so that I could make it look nice and not wrinkled.  But such is life.  I know I’ll find it eventually.  I have posted a closer picture of the actual embroidery so that you can see it.  I love this one. 🙂

Yesterday was my last day at the current long term temp job so I am out looking again.  Surely something permanent will be forth coming soon.  All I can do is rely on the blessings and tender mercies of the Lord after all I can do.

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