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Daughter's Wedding


I promised pictures of my daughter’s wedding.  She finally got them and here were my favorites.  She waited several years, saving for this and it went flawlessly.    They are both very happy.

My daughter’s youngest two children are 2 years and 1 week apart.  They had their birthday party together last week end.  Her daughter (now 4 years old), loves movies.  She was easy to shop for, I got her Kung Fu Panda (one of my favorites). 🙂  Her son (now 2 years old) loves music.  Music plays and he dances, so I found an alligator that sings and moves as it sings.  He loved it when I gave it to him and then I showed him it would move and sing.  He backed up and was moving to the music but would not hold it again.  When it quit singing I showed him how to push the foot to make it sing again.  When it was time to push it again, he would not, he grabbed my arm and made me push it again.  I was laughing because he loved it but was afraid of it because it moved!!  He’s fine with it now, wish I had gotten a video of that for when he gets older. 🙂 Little ones can be so funny.

I’ve found two patterns to chose from for the shawl I want to knit.  The High Effect Feather & Fan Shawl or to make a shawl from the Concert Scarf in Alison Jeppson Hyde’s Wrapped in Comfort.  I’ll try to make a choice by the end of this coming week.  I’ll have to spin some more baby Alpaca because I only have one skein spun and I’ll need probably at least 3 skeins.  But first I need to finish the pastel blue and lavender wool that I have on my spinning wheel.  I’ll try to work on that this week, it has a special purpose and I need to finish it.

I hosted a friend in my home this week who’s daughter needed surgery for an ovarian cyst.  It was really good to see her (she lives in another state).  She’s always been there for me and I’m glad I could repay some of her kindnesses to me.  Still it’s always good to get back to the regular routine.  It makes me realize that I have come to like living alone (or perhaps it’s just a comfortable routine), something I didn’t ever think I would want.  It would seem that some of the curves life throws at you find some permanence in your life.

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  1. Glad the wedding went well and these pictures turned out really well.

    Whichever pattern you chose, the scarf will turn out beautiful. I am just taking some yarn off two of my wheels and can’t wait to start knitting with it.


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