Ward Christmas Program

Oh Holy Night

Oh Holy Night


We had our ward Christmas Program last night.  It was wonderful, great food and the program was fun and spiritual.  We had two different families do the 12 days of christmas, one was a Hawaiian song and she played the ukulele while some children held up large signs with the words and we all sang with her, the other one was a skit, both were wonderful.  A very talented family did a beautiful round with all their family members, and so much more wonderful music from members of our ward.  I was the last one to sing, I was sure nervous, but I think  it went well. 

This is the music I used.  I down loaded it from Sally DeFord’s website .  She has wonderful sheet music that she has arranged and some mp3s with her beautiful voice singing them.  Her music is copyrighted but you can down load and use it for non commercial use.  This piece was a solo for the first two verses and then the third verse was congregation but I did the whole thing as a solo.  Oh Holy Night  is my favorite Christmas song.  I’m not sure if it’s a hymn or a carol, but it is my favorite.  There is such power and beauty in this song.

Tomorrow I begin my job hunting in earnest.  I’ve been scanning the internet sites but I always have better luck going and physically putting in applications.  I think it helps that they see who you are and that you are out there looking.

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  1. I’m sure you did a beautiful job with the song. I really like Sally DeFord and her arrangements are really good.

    Good luck with the job hunting. I’ll keep you in our prayers.


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