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Well, I finally heard from my temp employer that my job will end December 11th.  So I’m busy looking for another job as there is no guarantee that there will be another long term temp job from the temp agency.   So it will be out with the old and in with the new, hopefully soon.  My youngest son is working on fixing a car for me so that when the one I am driving gives out (and it has some major problems, but hey it’s 21 years old ;P), I won’t be car-less.

 My 3 year old grand daughter went to Church with me today.  Even tho’ Sacrament meeting is 1 hr & 10 min long, she is very good and patient, I know it has to be boring listening to adults speak, I do bring paper and crayons and her mom sends a snack to help with the boring part :).  She loves the nursery that she gets to attend after Sacrament meeting is over,  she calls it her “church school”.  She’s very excited to go to class and sing and play with her “friends”.  Today, I stayed after church for a few min to practice a solo that I will be singing for our Ward Christmas party.  I wasn’t sure she would be thrilled because listening to someone sing when you’re 3 years old can be pretty boring.  But she sat quietly and listened to me go through my solo “Oh Holy Night” with the pianist.  She then looked at me with her sweet little wide eyes and said, “That was awesome Grandma, how did you do that?”  I just chuckled and told her that Heavenly Father put the music in me and all I had to do was to let it out.  3 year olds are so funny and awesome.

I’m almost finished with the 2nd spool of Llama roving.  Soon I will be plying and getting a skein of yarn ready to give my son.  It’s very soft stuff, but it is slower than I thought because I have to stop and pick out a little vm (vegetable matter) as I spin, so it slows me up a bit, but I have enjoyed the softness of this fiber :).  I hope my son will enjoy knitting with it.

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  1. That is awesome that you will be singing a solo for your Christmas party. I am very afraid to sing solos, but really enjoy singing in the choir. Glad you get to spend some time with those grandkids.


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