It’s That Time Again

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It’s time again to embroider things for the Whippet Club my son belongs to that they give as prizes at the show they host every late summer/fall.  They still had a few items left over from last year so I don’t need to embroider quite as many :).  It’s a nice design and looks great when embroidered on the towels and blankets.  I’m sure the winners enjoy them.


Work is going well, just wish I had more time to knit and spin, clean and unpack, sigh.  I feel so time crunched.  Ever notice that when you are young time goes by so slowy and you are sure that it takes forever for anything, and then as you get older time seems to unmercifully speed up and you don’t have time for anything?  I think things should go fast when you are younger and slow down when you get older ;P.

2 thoughts on “It’s That Time Again

  1. I agree with your sentiment about the time going faster when you’re young and slowing down when you’re older. Wouldn’t that be really nice.

    Glad things are going well for you.


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