May the 4th be with You!!!

LOL this is still as cool as when I first saw it. Yeah I’m a Star Wars kinda girl! I have to say tho’ that the original trilogy is my favorite. the prequels were ok, tho I had no real interest in the last 3, sorry people but I didn’t. But my love of Star Wars has been rekindled by the Mandalorian (minus all the drama :/ ), it’s amazing and you gotta admit, Gorgu (aka baby Yoda) is so adorable! :). We’ll see where the Book of Boba Fett goes.

Snow is here 2013

November 11th – First Snow


  Well, we had our first snow, was only ground cover and didn’t stick to the streets as you can see in the picture on the left, on November 11th.  We had a similar ground cover snow the next week.  I woke up this morning to some real snow, not alot of snow (about 1/2 to 1 inch) but it did cover the ground and the street.  The city has it’s snow plows out and the stores are plowing parking lots.   Ok the first few snows are all right, pretty, etc, etc, etc.  HOWEVER, it’s cold and the snow doesn’t stay a pretty pristine white.  It gets grey and dirty and that is what the winter will look like alot as the winter drags on. sigh.  Is it Spring yet?


Newer Car!!!

Yep, I got a newer car (9 years younger than my little red putt putt).  A friend of mine (the one I walk with on Monday and Thursday evenings) and her husband got new cars and had this one sitting arournd.  They told me they would like to give it to me, but I’m stubborn and proud and told them I would take it if they would let me pay something for it.  Wasn’t much that I had to give them but it was something and now I have a newer car that I don’t have to worry about needing fixed all the time. 🙂  It has the key device  that you can unlock it from a distance and it has power windows and a radio that works :), I feel like I’ve moved up in the world, lol.  It drives smoothly and I have to say the color is one of my favorites :).  What a blessing my friend is. 

I’ve been teaching in Primary for about 4 1/2 years in my ward.  I got a new calling on Sunday, Compassonate Service Co-ordinator.  I’ve served in many positions in my church but have never filled this calling before.  I know a little about what to do, not alot, I know it’s not one that most people covet :P, but I like people and I like helping, so I’m hoping I will be more of a blessing to others in this calling than a burden as I learn.

Fall is Coming

Funny  Note Pad

Ok, I was shopping at JoAnn’s Fabric store and saw this note pad and had to keep myself from laughing out loud in the store, so I had to buy it.  There are many days I feel like this. 🙂

Yes, Fall is coming.  Offically I think they said it was the 20th of this month.  But we went from upper 90’s (ambient temperature, not including the humidty that made it a heat advisory) a week ago this last Monday to 60’s on Sunday.   It’s back in the low 80’s and 70’s this week, so I know Fall is really coming.  I will enjoy the warm temps while we have them, Fall doesn’t usually last very long and winter is very cold and long here.

My New Favorite Cookbook


Ok I know I’ve been MIA from my blog for a little while.  Not sure why but last year was especially hard for me in regard to the 2nd anniversary of my son’s death .  I am feeling better and will try to be more diligent in blogging.

I hadn’t planned on posting a blog today but I found a cookbook I ordered last year sometime and realized it was a southern style cook book and might actually have a recipe for hush puppies, being a southern cookbook.  I had been looking for a recipe in the numerous books I already had and use often, but none of them had one.   It is the Southern Living Heirloom Recipe Cookbook.  Low and behold it has a hush puppy recipe.  The next page showed a Southern Cornbread recipe, this is when I realized I love this book.

My dad is from the deep south, my mom from the desert south west, that is important for the next memory.  My mom liked to make cornbread but she always put sugar in it.  My dad would tell her “that is not cornbread, that is cake”.  They don’t put sugar in cornbread in the south.  I have to say here that I never saw my parents fight, but this was a standing disagreement, lol.  Ok back to the book.  As I was reading the recipe (which does not include sugar), my memories, regarding my parents disagreement on how cornbread should be made, flooded back.  Then I saw the quote under the recipe by Mark Twain “The North thinks it knows how to make cornbread, but this is a gross superstition.  Perhaps no bread in the world is quite as good as Southern cornbread, and perhaps no bread in the world is quite as bad as the Northern imitation of it.”  At that point I burst out laughing, hahahaha.  I do love this book!!  It is filled not only with recipes but with much humor and memories from the author.

I miss my mom a lot, so many times I wish she was still around to talk to, I lost her to cancer in 2000.  I am thankful to have many memories of our lives as a family and to be able to see the love and humor that was a part of it. 🙂  You would love this cookbook, Dad :).

It’s That Time Again

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It’s time again to embroider things for the Whippet Club my son belongs to that they give as prizes at the show they host every late summer/fall.  They still had a few items left over from last year so I don’t need to embroider quite as many :).  It’s a nice design and looks great when embroidered on the towels and blankets.  I’m sure the winners enjoy them.


Work is going well, just wish I had more time to knit and spin, clean and unpack, sigh.  I feel so time crunched.  Ever notice that when you are young time goes by so slowy and you are sure that it takes forever for anything, and then as you get older time seems to unmercifully speed up and you don’t have time for anything?  I think things should go fast when you are younger and slow down when you get older ;P.

Spring Gardens

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These are some flowers from my son’s garden.  He has beautiful flowers in the front and back yards.  I still find it funny that these come from 1 of 4 children who hated to go weed the vegetable garden when he was younger :P.  His gardens are really beautiful. 🙂