Happy Labor Day and Some Knitting Accountablity

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day week end!

Taking a moment for some knitting accountability, otherwise some times I just wouldn’t get anything done, like the socks I have not been working on, sigh, but I am working on the last sleeve of this flax baby sweater and then just to weave in ends. Seems, for some reason, there is more color management than normal, not sure why, hoping I’m not playing yarn chicken with the lightest color before going back to the darkest color on the sleeve. Time will tell. I’ve also been putting in a bit of work on the current charity hat, time to give them to the shelter is coming up fast.

I have been spinning the cria roving as well. Two more small re-wrapped pieces of the roving to go (had to unwind and re-wind the larger 3.5 oz bump into smaller pieces to handle better), then on to plying :).

2 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day and Some Knitting Accountablity

    • It’s a fun knit, there is a youtube video on knitting it (maybe several videos from different people :P) in case you get stuck with the instructions on the yoke and some that have ways to not have the holes under the arms when you start the sleeves in the round. Unfortunately there is not a way to eliminate “sleeve island” :P.

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