3-Color Cashmere Cowl

I am still working on Hermione’s Everyday socks.  I have finished the leg on one sock and am getting ready to start the leg on the 2nd sock, however I have started working on the 3-Color Cashmere Cowl, shown above,  for a friend, tho it is not being knit in cashmere.  It is a nice diversion.  The yarns she purchased for it are from Stitch Together, a local yarn shop.  More info on the yarns can be found in greater detail on  my project page for this cowl on Ravelry. 😉  You may need to sign into Ravelry to view the project page.

I will post a picture of Hermione’s Everyday socks when I get the 2nd leg finished before I do the heel flap.  The color (tho beautiful) on the socks doesn’t show the pattern very well, I think I chose a color too dark for a delicate pattern.