Another Hat Finished

2X2 Ribbed Hat This is a two by two ribbed hat I just finished.  This is for a little family member :).  It looks purple but it is a bright blue, not sure why I am not able to capture colors properly sometimes, sigh.  I just can’t seem to quit knitting hats, this one is a relaxing knit.  I would tell you where to find this pattern, but I copied it to a word document and the name doesn’t come up in a google search. 😦  But there are plenty of patterns just like this one on the internet :).

I have one more hat to knit before Christmas, I’ll post a picture of it after Christmas :P.  I have just been so driven to knit lately, good thing tho, it’s relaxing and creative all at the same time, and who can’t use relaxing and creative at Christmas time :).