All Stressed Up and Nowhere to Go

Stress Zebra Bag for larger view - click on image

Stress Zebra Bag
for larger view – click on image

A friend and I were chatting via email and she reminded me about a shirt I had embroidered for her with a zebra with it’s stripes falling off.  I started laughing as I remembered the “Stress Zebra”.  I NEED one of those I told her.  So I found some of the canvas bags I had purchased to embroider on and put the stress zebra on it.  It always makes me laugh to see that poor zebra.  I’ve put a closer image of the zebra below.

I’m close to having that shawl done that I have been working on for my friend so I should have another picture to put up in another day or so of the finished and blocked shawl.

Stress Zebra for larger view - click on image

Stress Zebra
for larger view – click on image

I bought some really cute Minion and some pumpkins fabric at JoAnn’s Fabrics on Thursday (big labor day sale :P).  I want to make some knitting bags, one like the canvas bag shown (but using regular fabric rather than canvas) and one called a knot bag.  I have a pattern for the one like the canvas bag, but did not find a knot bag pattern at the fabric store.  I’ll have to go online and look to see if I can find a good one.  I’ll post pictures when I am finished with that as well.  I have ideas on what I want to do with the regular bag, tho my sewing skills may not be good enough for what I want to do.  Good thing I have some friends that sew well :).  I might get one of my friends to make a pattern for me and teach me how to sew it :).  I’ll have to work on that.  Not sure why the interest in sewing all of a sudden, but hey, creativity is all good.

Hope you all enjoy your Labor Day Week-end.