It’s a Mystery!! And Snow and a Polypay Fleece :)

lots of snow

Ok I have been very lax on keeping up with stuff going on and I’m going to start with the first thing which was the snow, so here goes.  Yes that last winter storm a few weeks ago gave us a foot of snow.  Pretty coming down but such a mess to drive in for a while.  It melted off the roads and a little on the ground when we had a few days of nice warm up temps in the 20’s and a couple of days in the 30’s,  woot woot.  But it’s been cold again with -temps and today is snowing again.  They say we will get 3 to 6 inches by midnight.  sigh, is it Spring yet?  It is suppose to be back in the teens and 20’s next week, looking forward to that for sure.


2nd thing that has happened, I went to visit my friend who raises sheep, and she gave me another fleece, how cool is that?  Polypay is a fine fleece and next to the skin soft.  When it warms up a bit, and I can take it outside and be comfortable, I will skirt it and get it ready to send to the fibermill in MO to turn into roving to spin, will probably be a month or so before that happens 🙂  How blessed can a girl be :).


Mysterious deliver of this beautiful DMC Merino Woolly yarn

Last thing I wanted to talk about is the Mystery.  I have not ordered any yarn online lately, last thing was last year,  some alpaca for a scarf I was knitting for a friend.  But mysteriously this package with a pattern kit of 11 skeins of DMC Merino wool, called Woolly, and the pattern for two color stranded pillows, arrived at my door step this morning from the DMC company.  I’m like “what?”  I didn’t order anything and I wondered if I maybe won something from a contest, but I didn’t remember entering anything like that.  There was no bill of laden or a congratulations you won something, just the yarn and the pattern wrapped in a beautiful pink paper with the DMC sticker and bubble wrap.  I’m the curious type so I called the DMC company to see if they can figure out why I received this package, I didn’t want to be billed for something I didn’t order.   She checked for a bit while I was on the line with her, but couldn’t figure it out so I gave her the tracking number to see if that would  help, she was going to call me back with information.  I haven’t heard yet.  I will let you know if I hear anything.  I’m VERY curious about this. 😛   The yarn is beautiful and very soft and looks to be a sport weight (it comes in a 50 gram ball with 136 yards per ball and  it’s superwash!!.  I’m thinking it would make wonderful hats and scarves for future projects  :).

*UPDATE*   She called me back and offered to give me a shipping label to return it, but I told her I wasn’t going to send it back until I found out why it came, incase a friend had ordered it and had it sent to me, that would be like buying something and giving it back with no refund.  She had thought maybe they had sent it by error, but I told her since they didnt find me in their system (because I have never ordered on line from their company) that they would not have my name and shipping address in their system and could not have accidentally shipped it to me.  She said she would keep checking.  Anyone want to own up to sending it to me?  😛