Little Lace Daisy Scarf

Little Lace Daisy Scarf a

Little Lace Daisy Scarf

This is from the Polypay fleece a friend gave me that I had processed into roving, then I spun, dyed and knit into a scarf to thank her for the fleece.  It turned out a deep sapphire blue and she really was hoping for a little lighter blue so I bought a skein of off white lace weight super wash merino to knit with the blue to help lighten it up, but it was kind of a stark marled color so since I had over dyed the blue I washed it again in hot water when I was done knitting (being careful not to felt it), and the off white soaked up enough of the blue to be a pretty light blue actually lightening the color visually.  I then soaked it in vinegar again to set the light blue color, this also finished releasing the rest of the over dye.  I will give this to her tomorrow, I’m sure she will be pleased :).

The pattern was the daisy from the Daisy Rectangular Shawl I designed (tho’ the daisy is an old Shetland lace pattern).  There was a beautiful lace weight scarf on Ravelry someone had made from the shawl pattern using one daisy up each side, but since this was sport weight yarn and she wanted a skinny long scarf I chose to just do one in the middle.  Following is the pattern, as before, you may make the scarf to give as a gift but you may not sell the pattern or give the pattern to anyone.  If someone wants the pattern, please refer them to this site :).  I hope there are no typo errors, I did check but you know how that goes sometimes.  I’m not a great pattern writer so I hope that you can read my pattern :).

Little Lace Daisy Scarf

B        = Border

K        = Knit

P        = Purl

K2tog = Knit 2 together

yo       = yarn over  Note: yo twice is a double yarn over and on the purl rows, knit the first yo and purl the 2nd yo

ssk     = Slip stitch, slip stitch, knit the two stitches together (see for video of how to make the stitch)

** repeat rows between the two *’s

I used hand spun sport weight with a strand of lace weight, and size 7 knitting needles

Cast on 20 stitches

Knit 3 rows in garter stitch for the bottom border. Keep 3 stitches at both ends of each row in garter stitch for the border throughout.

Knit the next row

B, p to last 3 stitches, B

Start pattern rows

*Row 1 – B, k5, k2tog, yo twice, ssk, k5, B  (on the even rows the border will still be knit but I put the B on the end so you can make sure you have the right amount of stitches before the B starts J)

Row 2 and all even rows – B, p to last 3 stitches, B

Row 3 – B, k3, k2tog, yo twice, ssk, k2tog, yo twice, ssk, k3, B

Row 5 – Repeat row 1

Row 7 – Repeat row 3

Row 9 – Repeat row 1

Knit the next row

B, P to the last 3 stitches, B

Knit the next row

*B, P to the last 3 stitches, B

Knit these pattern rows until the scarf is the desired length and then end with only one knit row and one pearl row (keeping border) after the lace pattern row 9, and then 3 rows of garter stitch and bind off.