Murphy’s Law – ARRRGGGG


Ok the day is just beginning but it’s already been a Murphy’s law day.  I work at the Family History Center this morning and I babysit on Monday-Wednesday mornings.  I have time, barely, to get from the babysitting, back home to eat and finish getting ready and then to the Family History Center.  This morning the dad (who works days) as he was leaving for work forgot to the let the dogs out to go to the bathroom (they are in cages at night to prevent accidents and a knocked over kitchen trash can) and I will usually let them out when he forgets because I feel bad for the dogs.  However, the mom (who works nights) has planted a garden and if the dogs are let out they have to be watched so they wont dig it up.  If only you knew where I am going with this.  I didn’t let the dogs out because getting two small children bathed, fed, dressed, teeth brushed, lunch made and off on the school bus takes my full attention.  The biggest dog (of course)  had an accident in the cage, which is in the kitchen, sigh.  The little kindergartener did not want to go into the kitchen, lol, not that I blame him, but that meant I needed to let the dogs out, watching over them or not.  I do not have time, nor did I want to clean out that cage :P.  While all this is going on the lady that reads the water meter came in the back yard and was a bit intimidated by the dog – so I had to come out and hold him so she could read the meter, all this time I’m thinking, are they going to miss the bus?  They made the bus and I sent a text to the mom (who I was hoping would be home before I left so I could tell her in person) saying I’m sorry that I couldn’t put the dog back in the cage and it was a mess and I hope he didn’t tear up her garden.  And I am sitting at work (on a break) enjoying some peace and quite and wondering who will be in trouble tonight, it wont be me, I’m family and I do this without any compensation lol.   I made the sign above and will print a copy to give her to put on her door for the future to let “Murphy” know he is not welcome in her house.