Meet Boo

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 My parakeet passed away this week.  He was 13 years old and I had had him for about 3 years.  He wasn’t really friendly but did seem to enjoy my company and I enjoyed his wonderful little songs. My son and his spouse decided that I needed another little friend. So they showed up last night with Boo (Cockatiel) and cage and toys and food in hand. He’s about a year old.  He’s not real friendly yet, but he should accept me and will be nice company.  He’s very pretty, he’s a yellow with a modled grey on his back and wings.  Thank you Tim and Ev.



Polypay Ewe roving almost full single spool


I have been spinning, and knitting (2 comfort shawls for some sweet ladies in my ward that lost a husband and mother) so I have been keeping busy.  You can see how the roving to yarn is coming along 🙂 

We have been cold and snowy, though that is what the Farmer’s Almanac predicted, I was hoping it was wrong :P.   Is it spring yet? 




2 thoughts on “Meet Boo

  1. Boo is so pretty! That was such a thoughtful gesture. Birds can be nice companions. Maybe he’ll learn to sing and say some funny things. Then you can video him and put them up for our amusement! 🙂

    I love your photo of the yarn roving thing. Really beautiful. And yes, I cannot believe how cold and snowy (wet) this winter has been. I suppose it will end up being good for crops as they got a lot of moisture (does it work that way?) Altho signs might point to a coming Ice Age! Just kidding I hope. 🙂 You stay warm up there in crazy ice land!


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