Yet Another Storm, More Snow and Wool!

2013 Polypay Ewe Fleece

Spring 2013 Polypay Ewe Fleece Up Close


You might wonder what storms and snow have to do with wool.  I was given a Polypay fleece by a friend who owns a farm where along with growing corn, they also raise sheep for meat.  Just before spring they shear the ewes in preparation for lambing.  Last year my friend gave me a Polypay lambs fleece (1st shearing at a year old).  This year she gave me a fleece from one of her ewes.  I needed to skirt it (taking off the dirtiest parts and the short fibers)  so that I can send it to the fibermill I use, who will clean it and prepare it into spinnable roving.  Because there was a storm on the way, I had to bring it into my house.  For those of you who have not been around sheep, they are a bit pungent, but I don’t find the odor that bad, tho my poor neighbors might :P.  I did the first picking through for VM (vegetable matter ie: hay, straw, and sheep “stuff”) outside on Monday because I knew the snow was coming and wanted to get through that part before it snowed, it was cold, brrr.  But I needed to bring it in where I wasn’t rushed because I was too cold to work on it outside for more than an hr and these sheep are not coated so their fleece has a lot of  stuff other than wool in it.  I learned from the last fleece I sent in that I need to try and get all the shorter (2nd cuts) out because if I don’t the resulting roving is full of noils (small knots in the roving).  They are not preferable to me for spinning.  I will mail this fleece off on Monday to the mill and we will see how the roving turns out this time, it’s a learning process for me.  In the 2nd fleece picture you can see how nice and crimpy and springy Polypay fiber is :).  This fleece also has a lot of lanolin which seems to keep the fleece nice and soft.

Yet Another Storm and Snow


This started yesterday afternoon about 3:00 pm, so far we have a couple of inches of new snow, but it’s still spitting snowing.  I know spring is just around the corner, I know spring is just around the corner, I know spring is just around the corner……

*Update*  We got 5 inches of snow.



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