Fall Back – Don’t Forget to Adjust Your Clocks :)

It’s Fall in all it’s beauty.  I love Fall because of the beautiful  color changes, end of the really hot temps of summer, my birthday is in the fall, I feel more like knitting and spinning, and because, YES, I get my hour back from the Spring forward daylight savings time change.

Despite those nice things regarding Fall, there are are some major drawbacks, sigh – it also means cold and flu season, and that Winter is right around the corner.  I love snow, if I can sit inside my warm apartment and watch it fall, getting out in it is not a pleasant thought.  Winter is cold, freezing rain and ice are dangerous, and the bareness of it gets old very quickly.  But, I know that Spring will come again and the beautiful green and warmer temps will return. 🙂

But to those of you who actually like Winter, your season will be upon us soon, Enjoy :).