Started Spinning the Teal Superwash Merino

Spinning start of the teal Merino superwash


I’ve begun spinning the merino superwash.  Merino is such a delight to spin, it’s soft and handles easily, even when dyed.  I do tease it a bit (pull it gently until it slips in it’s roving form) to make sure it will come out of the roving easily as I spin.  I’m striving for a baby weight, we will see how consistant I am with a near pound of this roving.  I will be spinning on it everyday so the consistancy should be there, I have trouble when I let it sit a while before going back to it, :P.  It should make a lovely shawl.  I will post a picture when this skein is done, probably this week end.   I love having a week of vacation :).

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