9/11 – 10 Years Later – May We Never Forget

In Memory of 9/11

This picture is on the side of a tractor trailer truck that has made it’s rounds around the United States.  Although the master mind behind the attacks was eliminated this year from participating in any more aggressive acts against our country, there are those whom he lead who still want to hurt us, may we never forget this horrendous act of aggression on our soil so that we might always be free.

As we remember the 10th year since this heinous attack was perpetrated, may we take a moment to remember all those who died on this day 10 years ago and thank those who helped in the aftermath.    I would like to salute those heroes on flight 93, and all those who, on that day, willingly and unselfishly sacrificed their lives to save the lives of others.   I also salute those in our armed services who have given their lives and those who continue to fight, selflessly putting their own lives in jeopardy to protect us and others from terrorism.  They are all heroes to me and I will never forget.