Fall Back & Christmas Cactus

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My cactus is blooming a little later than last year, which  started in early October last year.  I left it outside longer this year, until almost freezing at night, but we have had a nice fall so maybe that is why.  I’ll post a picture just before blooms appear and then after they are blooming so that you can see the development of the buds to blooms.  I did re-pot it this summer so that it wasn’t cramped up in that little plastic pot it was originally in.  It seems to like the room and has been growing.  I’ll probably have to re-pot it again next summer.  I’ve had it for 4 Christmas’ this year, it was a gift from a friend almost 4 years ago.  It would probably be bigger if I had re-potted it earlier instead of leaving it in that small pot for so long.

Well I’m a happy camper, I GET MY HOUR OF SLEEP BACK!!!!  Don’t forget to set your clocks back 1 hour tonight before you go to bed, I can guarentee you, I WON’T FORGET!!!

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