More Fog Frost

More Fog Frost!

Close up of fog frost on a tree


We had a fog advisory today until noon.  It created fog frost in the trees again, and these are the pictures I took. 

The one on the right is a close up (you can click on both pictures for enlarged pictures.)  The frost in the trees like that is really strikingly beautiful.  It makes the end of the branches look like they are made of glass.  But I’m thankful it’s Feburary and that Spring is right around the corner (it’s a longer block here to round the corner of than the south and the west tho, but soon.)  🙂
Maybe it’s the economy and having to post and give from your blog, but I was surprised that I only have one person to give a PIF gift to.  Remember you will not have to give one to me,  just post and give to 3 people who sign up on your blog for your PIF.  I have room for two more if anyone is interested.  Please do it soon tho so it will be easier to leave a post about it, as I will be putting my security safeguards back up soon because I’m tired of clearing out the spam that my security program takes care of.  I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t counting anyone’s real post as a spam.   Once you post and I accept it, it’s much easier to post.
Well, I will be looking for another source for the handmade soaps I love to use, as Autumnoak has some health issues and the soap was taking alot out of her because of the time she was putting into it to make sure she had everything just right for her customers.  She is still selling her beautiful handspun yarns to help with the medical costs.  Spinning is always peaceful and restful.  If you love knitting with handspun and you don’t spin (or even if you spin) please visit her etsy site (click on her name above) and look at her beautiful handspun yarns.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day. 🙂

One thought on “More Fog Frost

  1. Fog frost is so beautiful especially when the sun first returns. Thanks for sharing the pics.

    I’m not able to participate in the PIF as I am overcommitted. However, the person who receives something handmade from you will be fortunate, indeed!


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