Spinning the Llama

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This is the chocolate Llama roving that my son bought for me to spin for him.  It is turning out a beautiful  heathered brown. 

People have said on my spinning list that the Alpaca and Llama are dirty fibers to spin, wonderful but dirty (because they roll in the dirt), and I thought how bad can they be?  Well, this was professionally processed and it still has some dirt.  I can’t even imagine trying to spin the unprocessed fiber.  Still I’m sure it would be worth it, because it’s soft and this one is a breeze to spin.  It will get another washing after the yarn is plyed and skeined and I’m betting there will be dirty water. 

I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to spin it thick enough as I’m use to spinning sport weight to baby weight yarn and my son wanted worsted weight, but it seems to like being worsted weight so I’m happy :).

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  1. Wow Mom. You’re just booking right along there with that aren’t you?? 🙂 How much more do you have to spin of it still?


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