Christmas Cactus

Early blooms

Early blooms

 Last year in mid November came the first blossoms I had on the Christmas cactus that had been given to me for Christmas the year before. 

This year, because of the unusually cool Summer and early Fall temps, my Christmas cactus already has buds on it and it’s only the start of October.  Hmmmmm.  Wonder if that is just the difference in the cooler temps here for fall vs TN last year.  With winter coming soon, I sure miss TN about now :P.  I’ve already had to bring my plants in from my balcony due to the lower temps at night, sigh.

I’m still looking for that pattern that screams at me, KNIT ME, KNIT ME, for the alpaca shawl.  In the mean time I like to hold the skein of yarn and feel it’s softness.  It’s time to start spinning the 2nd skein of yarn :).

Yesterday and today I’ve been able to listen to General Conference on the BYU station of cable TV.  It’s been great and very uplifting, I love General Conference time in the spring and fall every year.

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  1. Your Christmas cactus is beautiful. Mine have not started to bud yet, but I am hoping they do so in the next month or so.

    I got to listen to Sunday afternoon’s session. Jim did record it for me and I got more than half-way through Saturday mornings session while they were at the Priesthood session. Now I just have to listen to the rest.


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