It’s Yarn!

Handspun Cria

Handspun Cria


 Ok, I finished spinning on Thursday but didn’t have time to ply until today.  It’s offically yarn :).   It is soooo soft.  It came out about 16 wpi (“wraps per inch” for those who are yarn impared :P) that is, depending on what chart you use, fingerling to sport weight and I’m gonna call it sport weight, and this skein is 224 yards.  I was worried that I might over ply but I didn’t and it is luxurious to handle.  You can see one of the spools of singles and the fiber on my August 17th post.


click on picture for larger image
click on picture for larger image


 I’ve put this picture up so you can see the twist.  I’m pretty impressed with the results of this Cria Alpaca yarn.   I will need to buy some more of the fiber tho, as this was not enough for a shawl or capelett, it used about 4 of the 6 ozs.  I will need to spin probably 1 & 1/2 to 2 more skiens.  It will be a pleasure to spin more but I’m sorry that I have to wait to knit it up :P.  Maybe I’ll knit as I spin to urge me to spin more frequently to finish :).


I purchased this wonderful roving from Deer Trace Farm in Fayetteville, TN.  They don’t appear to have a website so if you are interested in contacting them regarding some fiber just email me and I will hook you up with their email addy and/or phone number.

Oh yeah, I got to watch the Dallas Cowboys play yesterday evening (still indoctrinating my 3 year old grand daughter to be a Cowboy fan :P.)  They won, I wasn’t sure they were going to, they certainly did not have it all together the 1st half and were down by 2 touch downs, but then they revved it up during the 2nd half and won.   But then they have always been known as a 2nd half team. 🙂

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  1. I finally “got” it.

    Love the cria yarn. It will be a lovely shawlette.

    Have to start young with the grand daughter on the football. I started the boys early on Nascar and they like it to a certain extent now that they are older.


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