My Apologies


I apologize that I have had to put up some security measures for comments. 

I was getting a horrible amount of some really ugly spam that I had to clear out every day.  So to prevent that, you will need to register as a user to post comments.  I do apologize, I know it makes it a pain for you to have to sign in to post comments to my blog and I do love your comments, so I hope it won’t inconvenience you so much that you won’t post.  But I really did have to do something to cut the spam out.  


click on picture for larger image

click on picture for larger image

I am going to be plying the green and red single either tonight or Saturday.  I spun some of each color together side by side rather than carding to blend first.  This technique made it looks like a red and green candy cane striping effect.   I should have a skein to post in a couple of days or three :).  I’m curious how it will look when it’s plied. 

Then I will choose my next fiber to spin.  That is always exciting, so many yummy fibers to choose from.  If one isn’t calling my name by the time I’m ready to start, I will just have to close my eyes and point to choose.

2 thoughts on “My Apologies

  1. Hey Mom. Glad you figured out how to set it correctly to require the person leaving a comment to register for the sight. Should help a lot. The scarfs you knitted for Net and Jade were really pretty!


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