Spinning Fiber

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This is some very soft fiber.  The content is Alpaca, baby Alpaca, Silk, Merino, Cormo and glitz from Twisted Sheep Fabulous Fibers on etsy.  It is very pretty and should spin up into a beautiful yarn.  As soon as I get finished with the green and red that I am spinning together, I plan on spinning this new fiber.  I really will finish the Christmas yarn (red and green), hehe, I just have not had time to sit down and spin, too much going on in my life, but I need to make the time to do it because I miss spinning.  With the weather still nice I should do that for 30 min or so when I get home from work to relax, before it gets to hot to spin out on my balcony. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Spinning Fiber

  1. It’s 4 ounces, and it will depend on how fine or thick I spin the yarn as to how much yardage I get. I tend to spin a fingerling to sport weight thickness after plying, when I’m not concentrating on anything thicker or finer. This would be enough in sock weight for a pair of socks, or in sport weight for a nice scarf. A sweater takes about 3 or so lbs of carded fiber. So when I only buy a small amount of fiber, I’m mostly playing to see if I like the fiber combination and how nice it looks when it’s spun up, and then I’ll knit something small with it to see how it knits up. 🙂


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