A Few Last Things for 2009

Old Man Winter - 2009



This was what we received from the blizzard that hit the midwest last week.¬† We got rain and freezing rain (mostly just rain) until the end and then we got about 4 inches of snow.¬† Much less than other area’s who received 2 or more feet.¬† Snow on the ground and covering the branches in the trees is such a pretty and¬†peaceful sight, until you have to go out side and deal with it, and besides that it’s cold, brrrrr. ūüėõ

The “Boys” are doing well.¬† They beat the Saints week-end before last, and their old¬†arch rivals the Redskins, this last week-end.¬† They will face another newer arch rival this week-end, the Eagles.¬† If¬† the Cowboys win they will win their division.¬† Woohoo!¬† They’ve had a decent year this year :).¬† I hope they win, but even if they don’t they’ve had an exciting year.

I’m spinning more Llama for my son, I have one spool filled and am working on the 2nd spool.¬† When it’s full I can ply and hopefully will have enough for 2 more skeins.¬† Incase my grand daughter is reading, I am also knitting on your blanket, it’s cosy to sit on the couch and knit in the evening.

Thor, my awesome ferret,¬†is finally finished sheding his summer coat and has a wonderfully soft and warm winter coat.¬† He’s fluffy and beautiful, and I have much less ferret fur to vacum up :P.

My Church is having a New Year’s Eve party¬†Thursday evening.¬† I will be glad¬†to usher out the old and ring in the new,¬† it’s just been one of those kinds of years, so I’m definately ready for the new and hoping for a better New Year.¬†

Wishing all a peaceful and wonderful New Year!