Rainbow Bridge – Thor

Thor in his playpen winter 2010


Today I had to do what all pet owners dread.  I took Thor to the vet one last time.  He has been ill and on medication for the last year.  The medication became two and caused other problems.  The meds weren’t working anymore and causing more problems than they were curing.  It was finally time to let him go.  I will miss my sweet little fur baby, he has been my little companion for a little over 6 1/2 years.   Goodbye Thor, I will miss you terribly. 😦

Late Spring Spinning in the Park

Spinning in the Park

Well, last week was just beautiful, cool, a bit breezy and perfect!!  So I chose to spend a little time in the park, close to where I live, spinning :).  A man and 3 women stopped to say hello and ask about what I was doing.  I really should do this more often this summer, especially before it gets “toooo hot”  ;).  As you can tell I am spinning this teal super-wash merino on my Baynes Spinning Wheel. 🙂
I am almost done with the 2nd skein of yarn, I have been lazy with my time and should have finished this already.  My goal is to finish it tomorrow and get it in the mail on Tuesday, so my friend will have it by the end of the week.  When I get a picture of how she is doing with the shawl, I will post it. 🙂



Thor is doing so much better on his meds.  I have been able to go down on his steroid (it is slowly being  decreased to the lowest it can be and still have it keep his diarrhea at bay.)  He’s happy and playful and not grinding his teeth, so I can tell he is feeling much better. 🙂   He’s an awesome little companion.

Brag Book

Brag Book front cover

Brag book inside shot

I went to another craft get together this month.  I chose to make this brag book.  I’m sending this one to my sister, but don’t tell her, she doesn’t know yet.  She became a grandmother and she is so excited!!!  So I figured this little brag book would be just the thing. 🙂

It was easy to make, but if you need the instructions I will let her tell you on her blog because she loves to pick things apart and show how they are made. 🙂  There are 6 double sided photo holders in this brag book so you can fit 12 almost 3 1/2 by 2 1/2 photos in it.  I had to cut the patterned paper just a tiny bit smaller than 3 1/2 by 2 1/2.  You can get the photo holders either wide or tall.  I chose the wide because I could get all the ribbon on the top that I wanted :).

I finished going through the fleece and picking out all the vm (vegetable matter), you know the straw, little twigs, weed seeds etc – getting it ready to pack up and mail to the fiber mill tomorrow.  They will be processing around the 15th, then I should get it back about 4 to 6 weeks later.  I will post a picture of the roving when I get it back.  I thought there might only be about 2 lbs, but I am wondering now if there is maybe 3 lbs.  It will all get spun up anyway. :).

I had to take Thor to the vet on Friday.  He’s had some IBS problems and was in some distress.  The vet put him on some antibiotics to see if that would help but they also put him on a steroid, because that had helped the last time – the last round of antibiotics were in case it was ulcers, but she said it probably wasn’t, it was more than likely IBS and the steroid would help, the antibiotic is a just in case thing.  He’ll be on a higher dose of steroids for 2 weeks and then we start weaning him down to the lowest level we can get that keeps the diarrhea away.  She said all in all he’s in pretty good health for a ferret his age.  His blood sugar was borderline low, but the steroid will also help with that.  She also said his potassium is also borderline low, so he will be happy to get his piece of banana everyday back again :), if I notice any muscle weakness, the vet said I will have to put him on potassium of some kind.  I’m just glad he’s feeling better and happy again ;).

3rd Comfort Shawl Done

3rd Comfort Shawl started


Yes, it’s the same picture because I finished it on my lunch hour at work and gave it to her so I didn’t get a finished picture, I know, I’m bad.  She was so surprised and held it close and said, it’s so warm.  I hope it will give her many days of warmth and comfort.

I’m starting another shawl, but this will be the one that I’m spinning the cria (baby alpaca) for a friend just because.  I have one skein and a spool on the wheel that I need to spin more onto and then ply it so that will give me 2 skeins.  I will need 3 maybe 4 skeins for this shawl.  It’s one I’ve done before, the Wisp shawl.  It’s light and very pretty.  I think light and airy for the warmth of the alpaca would be good, because alpaca is very warm.

I’ve been so moody this week, and then it hit me why, today would have been my youngest son’s birthday.  Happy Birthday son, I miss you.

I had to take Thor to the vet’s last week end.  He’s having some bowel issues and they put him on anti-biotics and a steroid.  She said if he’s better after the round of anti-biotics (the steroid is in the anti-biotic) then it was a helobactor infection and he should be fine, and that is my hope.  If not and it comes back  then it was an inflammation problem and the steroid was taking care it in the lower colon area, and she will try a different anti-biotic for the lower bowel and see if that takes care of it, and if not then she will have to do a biopsy to see what is going on.  Poor Thor was not a happy camper about getting his temperature taken (he had a sore bottom) – this was his first trip to the vet and I don’t think he likes vets now :P.  I’m glad I had a some savings, and it took it all.  This is why I don’t recommend ferrets to those who do not like to spend money at the vet’s office as the ferrets get older, because you will.  I have my own health check up’s coming soon and when all the free wellness checks that my health insurance takes care of for the year are done, I will be dropping my health insurance so that I can use the premiums I was paying for to take care of Thor.  He comes first.  Other than the free wellness checks (and they cover a lot of things), it was more of a catastrophic insurance plan, because it doesn’t pay for anything until I’ve spent $5,000 out of my own pocket, except for the wellness stuff.

Winter Weather & Thor

Christmas Tree 2010

.I put my tree up the first week-end after Thanksgiving.  It’s a lovely little fiber optic tree that I bought from someone at work about 4 years ago.  I love the color changes and that it’s small enough to fit in my apartment.  Brings back memories of my mom’s first favorite tree.  It was one of those silver aluminum trees that had the color wheel that you put close to it, and the sliver aluminum branches would pick up the changing colors.  Later in her life,  she had a beautifully flocked artificial tree that looked as real as any I’ve ever seen, and the skirt was a beautiful alpaca fleece, it even looked soft in the pictures.



Evening of Snow Storm


Next Morning

Well, we had a blizzard yesterday evening and through the night.  However because the snow was heavy and wet it didn’t blow around in the up to 40 mile an hour winds, so we were spared that part of what most people experience in a blizzard.  This was our second snow of the season and the snows are coming late this year, tho I’m not complaining, we will have plenty yet to come.  We didn’t get very much, certainly not as much as those north of us. 


Can I come out now?


Thor is doing well and is such a joy in my life.  He has been such a blessing to me.  He only expects food, water and time with me.  Well, and an occasional treat that I can’t resist giving to him.  He’s getting older, he will be 5 next spring which is getting old for a ferret.  I’m blessed that he has been and continues to be healthy, but I know the time will come when his health fails, then he will need me to be a good mom taking care of all his medical needs, which I will do with as much love as he has given me. 

I’m still knitting on the comfort shawl, it’s about 3/4’s finished now.  I’m also finding time to work on spinning the cria fiber, I love the softness of it as I spin it.  I’ve found that working on the comfort shawl for someone else who lost a child and spinning that wonderfully soft fiber has been comforting to me this Christmas season as I find my self missing my youngest son so much.

A Few Last Things for 2009

Old Man Winter - 2009



This was what we received from the blizzard that hit the midwest last week.  We got rain and freezing rain (mostly just rain) until the end and then we got about 4 inches of snow.  Much less than other area’s who received 2 or more feet.  Snow on the ground and covering the branches in the trees is such a pretty and peaceful sight, until you have to go out side and deal with it, and besides that it’s cold, brrrrr. 😛

The “Boys” are doing well.  They beat the Saints week-end before last, and their old arch rivals the Redskins, this last week-end.  They will face another newer arch rival this week-end, the Eagles.  If  the Cowboys win they will win their division.  Woohoo!  They’ve had a decent year this year :).  I hope they win, but even if they don’t they’ve had an exciting year.

I’m spinning more Llama for my son, I have one spool filled and am working on the 2nd spool.  When it’s full I can ply and hopefully will have enough for 2 more skeins.  Incase my grand daughter is reading, I am also knitting on your blanket, it’s cosy to sit on the couch and knit in the evening.

Thor, my awesome ferret, is finally finished sheding his summer coat and has a wonderfully soft and warm winter coat.  He’s fluffy and beautiful, and I have much less ferret fur to vacum up :P.

My Church is having a New Year’s Eve party Thursday evening.  I will be glad to usher out the old and ring in the new,  it’s just been one of those kinds of years, so I’m definately ready for the new and hoping for a better New Year. 

Wishing all a peaceful and wonderful New Year!