Fog Frost?

Frost in the Trees



Ok, I’ve lived in IA off and on for 11 years and I don’t remember having fog like we have had for the past several days, tho it did lift today, and I certainly don’t remember fog causing frost in the trees like this.  But it is beautiful.  I have another picture below.  I wish I had had my camera with me this afternoon when I was out and about, because there was a large group of trees in a snowy field and the frost on the branches stood out making a very stark picture against the sky, but oh so beautiful!

Closer view of the Frost on the branches


You can click on the pictures for a larger view.  We are having our mid winter thaw, and the temps have been in the 20’s and lower 30’s this last week and so far this week, however it is suppose to be maybe up to 42 this Saturday – woohoo!!  The mid winter thaw is almost like an early spring, but it goes away followed by more cold snowy winter until the real spring breaks forth.  Come on Spring!!!

Well as you probably already know, the Cowboys did not win their game on Sunday.  Actually they didn’t do very well at all.  But having said that, I was happy to have them make it to the playoffs this year, it shows that they are starting to get things together, now if they can just keep it together ;P.  I’m sure they will have a great year next year. 🙂

Roc Day Take 2 & Llama is Finished & tada ….. the Cowboys Rocked the Eagles again!

Roc Day Take 2

Roc Day Take 2

Well, it was decided that since the weather ruined our official Roc Day celebration that we would reschedule our spinning celebration to yesterday.  I know it’s not really Roc Day, but fun was had by all!!  These are the wheels that were there, I took these while we were busy with our pot luck lunch :).  The spinner below on the right (and owner of the local spinning shop, R. Rabbits Fiber Studio ,) is enjoying her unoffical Roc Day spinning.  😉  


Roc Day Take 2

It's Llama Yarn!!


The Llama is FINISHED!!  That is what I did at our Roc Day, finished spinning the 2nd spool and plyed and skeined off.  I washed it and hung it to dry yesterday afternoon and used my new swift and ball winder this morning to make a center pull ball from one of them.  I will wind the other skein and my son will have the Llama yarn he has been patiently (ummmm) waiting for. 🙂  

Next Project

As you can see I’ve already started my next project.  I really wanted to spin the Suri Alpaca, but I have a gift project to finish first, then I can spin that Suri. 🙂  This is the Merino Superwash that I dyed with the Wilton purple cake decorating color.  The last time I used it I got beautiful shades of lavender and light purple.  This time it was light purple, lavender and light blue.  Gorgeous colors, but they are so unpredictable, great if you want the excitment of a mystery color, tho’ be prepared to be surprised at the finished colors. 🙂  But before I spin any more of this I need to finish knitting my grand daughter’s blanket.  She has been plenty patient and I need to get it done :). 

Ok, YES!!! The Cowboys beat the Eagles again (played them three times this year and beat them all three times and the Eagles are no slouches!!)  They not only won their division the week before last when they beat the Eagles, but this week’s win against the Eagles won a wild card slot for the playoffs.  Now this Sunday they play the Vikings, that should be an interesting match up.  I’ll be recording that to watch on Monday night :P.  The Cowboys have finally started to work together as a team and what a year they’ve had!!! 🙂  Now they just need to work on those penalties! 😛

Still More Snow & a Swift – Happy Roc Day!

Still More Snow



Well mother nature has certainly been busy this winter.  According to the weatherman, we got about 4.5 inches of snow over night and expect anywhere from 1 to 3 more inches today.  But at least it was 12 above today!!!  It’s been in the single digits and below zero ambient temps lately.  Supose to be only around 3 to 6 above ambient temps for the next two days and I know that means minus temps with windchills.  Sigh, I’ll ask again, is it spring yet?

Swift & Ball Winder Set Up


My sister, for Christmas, sent me an certificate.  I went to amazon and looked and hemmed and hawed and finally made up my mind (hard to spend unexpected money when you’ve been on a budget for so long :P) and decided to get a swift!  I had a ball winder but had wanted a swift for several years but could never talk myself into spending the money on one.  So I decided to treat myself and it came today!!  It really is a nice one, sturdy and seems to move well.  I’ll give it a workout when I get that Llama skeined off so I can wind it into a ball for my son. 🙂

I intended to spend Roc day today spinning with my local spinning group to celebrate the new year.  However the weather wasn’t co-operating and I did not want to take my wheel out in this.   If you would like to know more about Roc Day you can check this wikapedia link or this Florida link. 

Well the Cowboys beat the Eagles 24 to 0 last Sunday (tho I didn’t get to record the game to watch because it wasn’t on cable) and won their division.   They get to play them yet again this Saturday evening for a wild card slot.  It’s always an interesting game between Dallas and Philadelphia – cos’ they are not the best of friends ;P.  I will get to watch it this time :).  GO COWBOYS!!!!

A Few Last Things for 2009

Old Man Winter - 2009



This was what we received from the blizzard that hit the midwest last week.  We got rain and freezing rain (mostly just rain) until the end and then we got about 4 inches of snow.  Much less than other area’s who received 2 or more feet.  Snow on the ground and covering the branches in the trees is such a pretty and peaceful sight, until you have to go out side and deal with it, and besides that it’s cold, brrrrr. 😛

The “Boys” are doing well.  They beat the Saints week-end before last, and their old arch rivals the Redskins, this last week-end.  They will face another newer arch rival this week-end, the Eagles.  If  the Cowboys win they will win their division.  Woohoo!  They’ve had a decent year this year :).  I hope they win, but even if they don’t they’ve had an exciting year.

I’m spinning more Llama for my son, I have one spool filled and am working on the 2nd spool.  When it’s full I can ply and hopefully will have enough for 2 more skeins.  Incase my grand daughter is reading, I am also knitting on your blanket, it’s cosy to sit on the couch and knit in the evening.

Thor, my awesome ferret, is finally finished sheding his summer coat and has a wonderfully soft and warm winter coat.  He’s fluffy and beautiful, and I have much less ferret fur to vacum up :P.

My Church is having a New Year’s Eve party Thursday evening.  I will be glad to usher out the old and ring in the new,  it’s just been one of those kinds of years, so I’m definately ready for the new and hoping for a better New Year. 

Wishing all a peaceful and wonderful New Year!