Another FO and a WIP Plus Our First Snow Flurries of the Winter

The FO (finished object) will be the last of the striped Flax baby sweaters. I will still knit the Flax baby sweaters but I have decided to go with muted or mottled colors so I don’t have color management on the sleeve stripes to have to fool with. It will make them faster and less fussy to knit, less weaving in of ends and more enjoyable since I knit so many of them :P.

My WIP (work in progress) is another charity hat, a simple 2X2 with a fold up brim to give extra warmth to the ears. I know it’s a simple stitch and hat construction but I always try to use pretty yarn colors so the recipients will enjoy it in warmth and looks. I should have this done by next week and ready to send a package out to our local homeless shelter with a few hats in it. If any of you knit or crochet or sew and feel so inclined, this would be a great time of year to make some hats, mittens, or scarfs for your local homeless shelters. There is always a need.

I have another WIP that I need to get to, I will get a picture of it after I get started on it. I’m finishing it for a friend and I need to get my head around where she was at in the pattern and what the pattern is all about. I keep telling my self it’s a hat, it can’t be that hard, we will see :).

I knew that this would eventually happen, I mean it is November and Winter is almost upon us, but I was hoping for a few more weeks or months :P. No accumulation just flurries but it’s a reminder of what is coming soon. I know out west they have already been bombarded with that white stuff, ugh. Next week we will be back up into the 40’s but colder nights, most below freezing. I will enjoy those warmer days for as long as I can before our much colder sub zero winter weather gets here, brrrr. I did get my car tuned up, new battery, tires and brakes in prep for winter this year. I hate when all of those come due at the same time for winter because here, if any of that is due, it’s a must. Just a heads up too, my mechanic said tires may be harder to find in the next few months, so my advise is, if you need them, don’t put it off.

Wishing everyone a blessed day!

6 thoughts on “Another FO and a WIP Plus Our First Snow Flurries of the Winter

  1. Color management, especially on smaller items, is so fussy since even minor discrepancies become noticeable. It’s still a hard choice to forego color handling since it looks so good on them when done with care! 🙂

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  2. I understand about the color management for smaller items. I knit my kiddos some Flax sweaters when they were smaller. I didn’t do the garter panel, but I did use Lion Brand Mandala and ended up making mini balls for each of the colors so I could get the stripes perfect. Then a couple years later, I repeated the process with an R&R Hoodie for my daughter. Weaving in all the ends and managing everything in a tiny circumference.. it was worth it, but kid sweaters only fit so long. Maybe self striping yarn would give the color changing effect, without worrying about managing the colors. Either way, your sweater looks beautiful and the red yarn is gorgeous. I bet the charity hat is going to turn out amazing! Hope you have a wonderful day!

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    • Thank you. The color on the body is from a longer stripe yarn, Hobby Lobby Yarn Bee Soft & Sleek, stripe, I only had to color manage on the sleeve because of the diameter difference :). I use two skeins so I can manage the color on the sleeves.


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